18 Aug 2011

Luxury penthouse appartment...

Because I am ultimately in love in everything beautifull and therefore f***ing expensive, well this is another appartment to see. Though maybe it lacks some bright colour, I must admit, it still looks georgeous! Designed by Archikron Interior Design Studio, this penthouse brings all the luxury you can imagine- designer furniture, large spaces and incredible views and relaxing and comfort feeling...What else do you want? Oh, yes... a maid to clean after you and one hell of a guy, who`ll serve you...right ladies? ;)


  1. WOW, what a gorgeous apartment. Ha, don't I wish I lived in something like this....ha


  2. I also would definitely live here.. just wait for another post, I`ll show you another penthouse which is even more gorgeous :)

  3. Oh...and CONGRATULATIONS for the engagement :):):)