26 Aug 2011

Luxury Alila villas in Bali

 I guess I have a thing for luxury villas..but hey...who wouldn`t? If everybody could afford owning one villa or just an ordinary house, wouldn`t it be your dream house? Having the most beautiful furniture, top of the top materials, and to die for pool? Don`t deny it, of course you would have..So I guess I am just sharing my fantasy out in the open..not even in the way that I would own something glamurous like that, but to be the creator of it! To do something so incredible and outstanding, to make people amazed over this fabulous architecture...almost as to put a spell on them...I think this is ultimate goal for every architect... Slowly I am getting there, so maybe in nearest future, I won`t post about other fab houses, but will start posting my own stuff..Because I have to express myself through art and architecture...Well, I think this post is far most personal as usual :) what can I say..˙I`m an artist, just a little girl in the world whos dreams are to create incredible things...
 To introduce you this sensual resort, this are Alila villas Uluwatu in Bali, designed by award-winning WOHA Design Singapore architectural firm and am not surprised to win lots of awards:)  I am especially pleased to post this, because it is designed in sustainable design principles, using local material, water conservation with soaks and rain gardens and recycling with grey water systems, using local plants...So this is not just a pretty face, it also is interacting with nature, trying not to damage it...Because this is a future! Living hand in hand, caring for the nature and still living a fabulous fantasy life...

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