27 Jun 2011

Urban warriors

Something from our Slovenian photographer Ana Gregorič, styled by Katja Kozlevčar and modeled by Nadiya Bychkova and Sandra Marinovič. It proves that we also can be at the same level of professionalism as the other world. Looove the story...

22 Jun 2011

My heart goes tick-tack....

My first glimps of this jewelery just took my breath away... The precision of the detail and a thoughtful concept of a ticking jewelery just blew me! Of course being me, I eagerly tracked this masterplanner down..and of course the man behind it is a dutch multy disciplinary designer Frank Tjepkema or should I just say TJEP. Not just accessories, they also do graphics, interiors, products, furniture, events, etc. So my kind of people! My unrestless spirit is just increasingly pulling me to the North and hopefully it will be soon, when I´ll step in the Dutch wonderland. Anyway...today I present you this incredebly fashioned and architectured jewelery from Tjep. Hope you`ll enjoy as much as I did.

17 Jun 2011

Could you be the most beautiful girl in the world?




(pictures from 4-15)




By_Inez & Vinoodh

By_Matt_Irwin_for_MUSE #26
(pictures 20-26)

Though she is not officially the most beautiful, for me Lily Donaldson conquers all. In fashion world she is an ultimate female. Perfect curved body, perfect face...just a perfection in all categories. I love her transformation from a sexy lady to the innocent girl. If I would be a designer, she defenitelx would be my girl, my muse... But for now, she can be only my sexiest model :)

13 Jun 2011

Make me a dreamhouse...

Could it be, that I can fall in love in so many houses?

Well, this one could also be my dream house. Because it`s not tipical house, with doors and windows... The facade just gets another meaning by thousands of openings, not knowing where one floor begins and other ends. There is some changes I would do, but that is of course because I am an architect and we all love to change acording to our whishes-at least the pool would be apropriate here:)

It`s interesting that this luxurious house is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. But knowing this Alam family residence was planned by Los Angeles based architect Elsye Alam, principal of ID-EA, makes it all clear why is so western... Well hopefully one day I`ll have the chance to built one of my own residence as this one did..

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