29 Jan 2012


Like miss Coco Chanel once said:  "In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different!"  

17 Jan 2012

London in details...

Speaking of passion...I just got real profi camera, which I really wanted for some time and now when also another of my endless wishes came true, I got up early this weekend, put on my clothes and boots, my french beret and with camera in one hand went exploring the hidden and not so hidden treasures around London. Those two days was like heaven to me. It's so fascinating when you capture something that maybe nobody even notice-but for you it's like a diamond! And now I am sharing this with you, also one of my passions...a glimpse into my soul and for the first time something I made. London...in details...


Photography...by Mojchica

13 Jan 2012


"The greatest talent is meaningless without one other component - passion!" Selwyn Lager

Happy new creative you!

When starting a new year, usually you also start with a list, a plan of what you should do better, what you need to see, explore, do etc. But this is not a list with a plan of sutch...this is a list of things you don't forget, of things that will make you focus on and to remember you that you are a true creative, inspiring and wonderful person...Happy new year guys and let every moment count!!
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