29 Feb 2012


 I just HAD to post this...As I always post only girls, design and other sexy things, I almost forgot the most important thing! Underwear! Haha, joke...yes, this is the post of man power, naked bodies (I wish...) and sexy hairy legs....And for a dessert...Mr. Handsome Football Player No1-with body of David and Another sexy thing...Cristiano....Oh, God, it's getting hot, hoot, hooooooot....

24 Feb 2012

Z car by Zaha Hadid

Another masterpiece-futuristic car from Zaha Hadid. The woman with multiple talents and even more workers :) This one could easily be an airoplane or hydroplane or...well...there are more than million possibilities what else it could be. By imagination you can create over and over and over again and make this world a better place. For now, I focuse on design. With this, new ideas, new chances and new positive thinking will come up. Have a great, fruitful and unforgettable weekend :):)

Photos © courtesy of Kenny Schachter ROVE

22 Feb 2012

Bloomberg Pavilion

Creating bursting wall, like a living thing that expands out of the box... This is the first assosiation to this artpiece from Akihisa Hirata, placed in Tokyo. Really thoughtfull incorporation. The only thing I would do...is to also make it functional, so that it doesn't fit to just only abstract purpose. But again, love this concept, don't you? xoxo

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