13 Dec 2012

Secret whishes...

This is the time for happiness, gathering with people you love, giving and receiving presents and writing those christmas cards full of wishes and kisses. Let people around you know, how much you care for them!

6 Dec 2012

Trimo awards 2012

I don't know why, but I can always admire people, who get awards for their hard work and design and am always so proud. But when it gets to me-I get all shy and...well, I was always like this... But why shouldn't people know about this?

So yes, today, I am writing a post about ME. Why? Because with my architectural colleagues, I received the Trimo architectural award 2012!
And yes, a year of planning, designing and monitoring the building of industrial mega building in Ljubljana, it deserves to be published and admired. So here you go: my award...to you :)


P.s.: watch from 7:00 onwards, hehe :):):)

Ma, me, mi, mi, mi, ....MINI

It's really a special car for (of course) special people.

And great thing of living in the capital of universe (hihi, a bit of exaggerating) is, that you can from now on just hire it, for less than a chocolate bar an hour (uf, I can imagine having one chocolate bar every hour....mmmmm)...

Well, livin la vida MINI!!!

22 Nov 2012

You are...

 You are the books you read,
the films you watch,
the music you listen to,
the people you meet,
the dreams you have,
the conversation you engage in.

You are what you take from these.

You are the sound of the ocean,
the breath of fresh air,
the brightest light and the darkest corner.

You are a collective of every experience you have had in your life.
You are every single day.

So drown yourself in a sea of knowledge and existence.
Let the words run through your veins and let the colours fill your mind.

19 Nov 2012

This can be you...

 I never write and preach how people should behave or what is right and what is wrong. I do believe people do have some common sense, so they should know what is legitimate in our society.
But this photos made me think... While Christmas is comming and you are bombared with this fact from all places (especially from big commercials, when they convince you that you really really need this or that, or else you'll just die...), we often forget that around us there are less fortunate people. Once I read that having a shelter and food, makes you one of the richest people in the world.. And seing this photos, by Javier Martin, where he put a human shaped sculpture in the streets of Spain, to remind people, that this in fact could be you, begging for food! If you really think and see your reflection in the mirror, what do you feel? It's heart breaking. So simple but powerfull message that comes from a mirrorr.
So, while you are thinking of buying this or buying that... Just think a little bit - what if this would be you?  I think, still, the best gift for you and your loved ones is a simple hug, deep and honest look in the eyes and saying that you love them.

31 Oct 2012

Here doggy...

Uaaauuu, a giant leap in my posting, I know! What can I do, if the planet spins around like a swirl and one day is summer, next day is already freezing cold and dark at five (to mention that, I really am thinking of having half year residence in North and other half in South half of the earth-of course somewhere exotic-daaah). Ok, so what has been done in this couple of months? I would say 360 degrees change in my life, all pieces now are comming together and voila, look at me, again behind my beautiful black riding hood (aka. computer) and writing a post. Why? Well... Someone that I really love and adore, gave me a great idea, that this year I need to start thinking of the Christmas wish list. I kind of forget during the growing up years, that "the list" actually exist. And when I started writing it, well.... It felt like releasing the dragon, hehehe... I think I could have this endless wishlist, because every day I could get new idea of what I would like to get for Christmas. But not to be mistaken, not everything involves spending and splashing enormous amount of money. I still believe that best things in life are for free, but worth fighting for. Ok, not to get all crazy and goofy, and to get to the point to this post (I know, I can easily write you a novel without any sense, hehe), everyone that knows me, know that I have crazy taste for dogs (amongst other things, I admit) and what I would really love, is a little crazy doggy with a name of Egon or King the 1st (or something mythological) with French scent :) I know, this is still far from really getting, but it is always good to start planning to expand the crazy family :):) So today, after soo many months, how best to celebrate as with this post :)
Photos by Andre Brito - really fantastic photos, I would say. Oh, and p.s.: I really love this doggy, but for the record, I really really really would like to have a black devil, hehe :) Well, ok, also white devil would be nice too :):):)

7 Jun 2012

Coffee design

Although I'm more tea person, it can't never compare with coffee. Just the smell, look and gorgeous taste is an experience you never forget. To enjoy just few minutes of pleasure in the morning, so this golden liquid can fill your mouth with excellent taste, is all you can wish for in the morning. Not to mention to actually wake you up:) but never the less... With all this morning ritual...the (best) design is always there to complete this experience and to put it to the higher level. So all coffee junkies- this post is for you! Enjoy!

3 Jun 2012

Centro das Artes-Casa das Mudas

 When seeing something so perfect like a magnificent architecture in person, it is like a dream come true. And as for this year I've been really blessed and lucky to start visiting really extraordinary buildings, well, this one goes into that bracket. By coincidence, when exploring Madeira island, we found this building, a sacred place for art, Casa das Mudas by Paulo David. Situated on the hill above Calheta, it brings magnificent views and breathtaking presence.
Details of the stone facade just tells the story of perfect mind and crafstmanship. As I only experienced the outside of this architecture, seeing inside and plans, just confirms the perfection of this mastermind. So, for next time, visiting also interior will only complete my journey to the (well) known wonderworld of architecture.
Hope you'll enjoy and appretiate this beauty as I did.

 Exterior photos (Photographed by me :) )

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