19 Nov 2012

This can be you...

 I never write and preach how people should behave or what is right and what is wrong. I do believe people do have some common sense, so they should know what is legitimate in our society.
But this photos made me think... While Christmas is comming and you are bombared with this fact from all places (especially from big commercials, when they convince you that you really really need this or that, or else you'll just die...), we often forget that around us there are less fortunate people. Once I read that having a shelter and food, makes you one of the richest people in the world.. And seing this photos, by Javier Martin, where he put a human shaped sculpture in the streets of Spain, to remind people, that this in fact could be you, begging for food! If you really think and see your reflection in the mirror, what do you feel? It's heart breaking. So simple but powerfull message that comes from a mirrorr.
So, while you are thinking of buying this or buying that... Just think a little bit - what if this would be you?  I think, still, the best gift for you and your loved ones is a simple hug, deep and honest look in the eyes and saying that you love them.

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