13 Dec 2012

Secret whishes...

This is the time for happiness, gathering with people you love, giving and receiving presents and writing those christmas cards full of wishes and kisses. Let people around you know, how much you care for them!

6 Dec 2012

Trimo awards 2012

I don't know why, but I can always admire people, who get awards for their hard work and design and am always so proud. But when it gets to me-I get all shy and...well, I was always like this... But why shouldn't people know about this?

So yes, today, I am writing a post about ME. Why? Because with my architectural colleagues, I received the Trimo architectural award 2012!
And yes, a year of planning, designing and monitoring the building of industrial mega building in Ljubljana, it deserves to be published and admired. So here you go: my award...to you :)


P.s.: watch from 7:00 onwards, hehe :):):)

Ma, me, mi, mi, mi, ....MINI

It's really a special car for (of course) special people.

And great thing of living in the capital of universe (hihi, a bit of exaggerating) is, that you can from now on just hire it, for less than a chocolate bar an hour (uf, I can imagine having one chocolate bar every hour....mmmmm)...

Well, livin la vida MINI!!!

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