28 Dec 2011

Sexy underwear...

For some time I haven't put anything more sensual here, but don't worry- I still love exploring, seeing beautifull things and enjoying life in a big and fabulous city! And because is almost closure of this year, well let me again present you the future....so for the next year I think ladies will have large selection of being again sexy...

Sockbox legwear 2012 " Film Noir" luxury collection

5 Dec 2011

Criss cross...

First look of that amazing disaster prevention and education center in Instanbul is playing criss cross. With imagination and engeneering sollution, this building will be city's atraction that will invite people to research it inside and out! This winning project from Portugal architects OODA is perfect combination of playfullness and a great mind!! Hope more architecture like this-high tech and rethinked over and all will take place in a world, to make it better (looking) and people friendly. That's what is our mission anyway :)


All photos are possesion of OODA

1 Dec 2011

Roll me in...

 Funny, interesting, playfull and just imaginative work from 5.5 designers, who've done this multipurpose bed/ carpet/just smt on the floor stuff alias Karpett for Tarkett. Love it!

25 Nov 2011


 Of course I knew that architecture can be sexy...that brings you ovation of pure satisfaction and almost pure extasy...Though to go that far into feelings is never realy a sane choice.... But I guess one of that porn architecture again evolved from the hand or more correctly from the intelligent thinkig of Zaha Hadid, the queen in architecture, through iMac and other hands of ingeneers and great thinkers...and there it is... the great result... final orgasm of her majesty...Roca gallery...where else than in ...London :)

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