26 Feb 2010

special tattoo for special ladies

mine tattoo in Sanskrit: "Be the change you want to see in the world." by Ghandi

When i knew that I`ll have a tattoo, I knew it had to be something special.
Since highschool I wished to have one, but never had "guts" to do it.
But after some years and lifechanging moments, I decided to write something on my skin...
Tattoo, with deep meaning and a purpose and with letters, no one could read it...
The location was from the start my back, and after seeing Victoria`s tattoo, I knew it had to be like that.
Because mine tattoo are words from Ghandi, the letters are in sanskrit.

And now..after Vic and me and maybe other sexy girls...Leona Lewis has one on her back too-.

So this post is just for us, fantastic and special ladies...

Victoria Beckham tattoo-"I am my beloved and my beloved is mine." in Hebrew

Leona Lewis tattoo-poem dedicated to her love of horses in Hebrew

21 Feb 2010

forever McQ

I know it has been a while, since Alexander McQueen chose to leave this world...yes, it was on the same day, I had my birthday...so I couldn`t write about him until now...
He was truely Britain`s wunderkind, a man who`s work will be admired for years to come.
And his latest designs are truely a piece of art.
Woman in his mind became hunters, alien capricorn, innocent aquarius...Those animal prints, ultra-violet colours, fantastic shapes...He made his clothes to become timeless and out of this world...to live in a galaxy with no limitations...as if he knew, this was his last output to the world we know... the last show...the last goodbye...

so here it is..womens spring/sommer 2010 collection:

He managed to create this fabolous, out of this world, shoes, with teatrical meaning though not so wearable..but still something so great and without borders... shoes 2010
I only wish, I could wear them...maybe someday...

comparison_normal high heel shoe and McQueen killer shoe :)

and Alexander`s last goodbye

RIP...We will truely miss you...


20 Feb 2010

circus bar & restaurant

I allways love, when a great mind like Tom Dixon creates something so clever and playfull like this new bar and restaurant.. When a dinner table becomes a set for runway, when the lights becomes gigant silver balls and where circus gets another meaning.
No, here you won`t go just because of the good food or drink... You`ll go here for the whole experience of pleasure and (maybe) pain :):)
Tom Dixon strikes again, of course with a distinguish taste and sense for a good architecture.

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