20 Feb 2010

circus bar & restaurant

I allways love, when a great mind like Tom Dixon creates something so clever and playfull like this new bar and restaurant.. When a dinner table becomes a set for runway, when the lights becomes gigant silver balls and where circus gets another meaning.
No, here you won`t go just because of the good food or drink... You`ll go here for the whole experience of pleasure and (maybe) pain :):)
Tom Dixon strikes again, of course with a distinguish taste and sense for a good architecture.



  1. That's an impressive design!

    Their details reminds me two companies I found the other day, Boca do Lobo and Delightfull. Their furniture designs are like art pieces: http://www.bocadolobo.com/ and http://www.delightfull.eu/ .

    Love your Blog! Keep posting!

  2. Well, thank you Diogo, you are actually first person (exluding my family and close friends-who must love my blog :P) that has actually comment something cool :) I´ll try to blog more often. And thanks for those web pages- I just love to discover new designs and looove bocadolobo site :):)