29 Aug 2011

Seduction of cognac

 Drinking cognac was allways a state of high class, destinctive pleasure and some kind of hedonism...So designer Merve Kahraman for Remy Martin took this drinking to another level...to the level of seduction with this unique glassware and other serving accessories. But this is not for sale!No, you cannot have it at home just for yourself! This will only be served exclusive for private events and parties...so that if you are one of the chosen, you`ll have the pleasure of drinking of them, but never own them... Hmm..saying this, it kind of attract me even more to experience this seduction...

 But nevertheless still my favourite cognac glasses remains from Normann Copenhagen, designed by Rikke Hagen and guarded by my favourite dog (you`ll see at the last photo)..And another plus...they shine from my glass shelf, so I can also admire the work of art! Enjoy!

28 Aug 2011

Eames lounge chair and ottoman

 I can honestly say that Herman Miller has got a golden egg, when they signed with designers Charles and Ray Eames. Since 1956, when this was first chair Eames had designed for high-end market, till this day, this is a product of admiration.
Did they know this will be a product of century? Even the optimistic couldn`t predict that! And now? Still after so many years the company recently announced the Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman, Limited 2011 Asian Edition. Retailing for  $11000, the lounger comes with a limited edition framed poster, and there are only 100 pieces of them in existence. So you have to hurry up, if you want to be a proud owner of this superior craftsmanship product.
Just let me get my wallet, but before that I have to sell everything I`ve got...so, sorry, don`t have much time..have to go! ;)

Eames lounge chair_limited 2011 Asian edition

26 Aug 2011

Luxury Alila villas in Bali

 I guess I have a thing for luxury villas..but hey...who wouldn`t? If everybody could afford owning one villa or just an ordinary house, wouldn`t it be your dream house? Having the most beautiful furniture, top of the top materials, and to die for pool? Don`t deny it, of course you would have..So I guess I am just sharing my fantasy out in the open..not even in the way that I would own something glamurous like that, but to be the creator of it! To do something so incredible and outstanding, to make people amazed over this fabulous architecture...almost as to put a spell on them...I think this is ultimate goal for every architect... Slowly I am getting there, so maybe in nearest future, I won`t post about other fab houses, but will start posting my own stuff..Because I have to express myself through art and architecture...Well, I think this post is far most personal as usual :) what can I say..˙I`m an artist, just a little girl in the world whos dreams are to create incredible things...
 To introduce you this sensual resort, this are Alila villas Uluwatu in Bali, designed by award-winning WOHA Design Singapore architectural firm and am not surprised to win lots of awards:)  I am especially pleased to post this, because it is designed in sustainable design principles, using local material, water conservation with soaks and rain gardens and recycling with grey water systems, using local plants...So this is not just a pretty face, it also is interacting with nature, trying not to damage it...Because this is a future! Living hand in hand, caring for the nature and still living a fabulous fantasy life...

24 Aug 2011

DesArhIng: Good ideas glow in the dark

I found this post extremely interesting, so you could see it here:

DesArhIng: Good ideas glow in the dark: by Bruketa&Žinić and Brigada Croatian designers Bruketa&Žinić have designed a book that we can only identified in dark place or whit t...

23 Aug 2011

Villa SOW...

I just can`t resist this beauty, overlooking the Atlantic Ocean...Villa Sow in Dakar, designed by SAOTA architects and ANTONI ASSOCIATES, completed in 2011 and designed for Senegalese businessman and his family. Incorporated on the edge of a cliff, replacing old World War II. bunker, villa is just a magnificent manifest to this family. Pure and clean lines and spacious building with seamless indoor and outdoor living, gives this architecture a magical and mystical meaning...It`s definitely a dreamhouse...

21 Aug 2011

Luxury appartment in black and white

As promised, here is another of luxury appartments that drives me crazy. Here the plot is all in black and white as if to say, that here the time stopped and BW TV still shows only Marylin Monroe movies.. Perhaps that`s the case here, who knows.. All I can say is GORGEOUS!! Would you guess that this appartment was designed by Moscow interior designers Geometrix? Well, considering that there are lots of milionairs...well I think you could guessed it. I like this combination of modern and 1950`s furniture and a feeling of being hollywood diva in here...

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