2 Aug 2011

New triumph...

Winnie Setio and Vladimir Stanek

Seeing this results of lingerie competition /Triumph Inspiration Award/, it shows that there are still more talent and work to show to the world. All of the avant garde lingerie is just fantastic and would definetly want to wear them. Diverse results of this competition and fantastic styling...it is almost sad that this is just under the clothes...Well, maybe we can do an exception and show it, don`t you agree? Liu Pak Yiu and Kurumi Yamamoto

Liu Pak Yiu and Kurumi Yamamoto

Jayson Araja and Ge Bai

Elvira Greblic and Daniela Alegria

Nurten Yuksel and Natalia Vergara

Natalia Stachura and Monica Hoyer

Joelle Laederach and Joanna Henning

Sharon Ezra and Panta Lerbunditkul

Carolina Leone and Alexandra Ulyanova

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