29 Aug 2011

Seduction of cognac

 Drinking cognac was allways a state of high class, destinctive pleasure and some kind of hedonism...So designer Merve Kahraman for Remy Martin took this drinking to another level...to the level of seduction with this unique glassware and other serving accessories. But this is not for sale!No, you cannot have it at home just for yourself! This will only be served exclusive for private events and parties...so that if you are one of the chosen, you`ll have the pleasure of drinking of them, but never own them... Hmm..saying this, it kind of attract me even more to experience this seduction...

 But nevertheless still my favourite cognac glasses remains from Normann Copenhagen, designed by Rikke Hagen and guarded by my favourite dog (you`ll see at the last photo)..And another plus...they shine from my glass shelf, so I can also admire the work of art! Enjoy!

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