25 Nov 2011


 Of course I knew that architecture can be sexy...that brings you ovation of pure satisfaction and almost pure extasy...Though to go that far into feelings is never realy a sane choice.... But I guess one of that porn architecture again evolved from the hand or more correctly from the intelligent thinkig of Zaha Hadid, the queen in architecture, through iMac and other hands of ingeneers and great thinkers...and there it is... the great result... final orgasm of her majesty...Roca gallery...where else than in ...London :)

23 Nov 2011


I know, I know, before almoust no post, but now 2 in a day? What can I say..I feel insane today :)But still, this really needs to be on my blog! Because you are beautiful and outstanding...and just...smile...

Be free!

With all my revelations and changes this year, I started to read books again, so I already know what my next will be. Because everybody needs inner strength and maybe I could say spiritual guidance -no connection to any religious stuff, just something that one needs to gain strength and growth for days to come. So that I could stay in the path that I've planned or imagined to be and to stay in that direction as long as I could, I'll go deep in the soul of master Paulo Coelho. First will be well known Alchemist. Someone once suggested that I should read this and I think now I am ready to explore that deep message, that I am seeking. Why are we here, what the hell am I doing and other existential mindness. Jap, totaly lost control of my roller coaster feelings, but hey..that too is a part of our life and let me say, it is allways interesting being around me :) So, yes, you can invite me for a coffee and also chocolate cake and I can gladly share my thoughts, insides, wisdoms and my charming personality if you like. Because we are all fantastic and great and with a purpose here in earth...and to close my revelation to you: “Now that she had nothing to lose, she was free.” ― Paulo Coelho ...and that's a fact!

10 Nov 2011

London baby...

Ok, let me just say...I totally missed writing, but then again didn't have time to actually sit down, take a breath and just post something. But as some of you knows, I've recently moved to London, in one week -actually was just five days, had to find an appartment and at the same time found my dream job, passed 3 inteviews and... got it!! So, as you see...I've been busy-with a good reason!
And let me just say...still I have loads of post to write, but while working my ass off at new company, I won't have much time to post as much as I used to, but I'll try to bring you style and passion for ....well, everything beautiful...once in a while. It is once upon a style blog after all :)
So, for now, I am sending all of you a beautiful postcard from my new home, London...
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