29 Sep 2011

Wanders for Illy

During London design festival, a Gallery Illy in London was a host for design lovers, where Marcel Wanders - one of my favourite designer - represented his Mini Can Can and Chrysalis lights and share his thoughts on the importance of “lightness” to the world of design.
Wanders described his desire to create work that at once feels familiar but holds an element of surprise. “Like an old acquaintance”, he mused, art should contain “a sense of intimacy” so that people can truly connect with their surroundings.
And of course being in Illy gallery, what else to get for a drink as the best coffe in the world, with Marcel`s logo on the top of the foam. It`s funny, I could almost say he put his head on the platter :) Enjoy!

27 Sep 2011

White as Bianca...

 OMG! There is nothing more to say as..uauuu.. and can`t get over thinking how long did one letter took? I guess for ages and to do this from a plane piece of paper? Well, I can honestly say it is a masterpiece! A work of art by Bianca Chang.

23 Sep 2011

HASSELL_PTTEP headquarters

 I obviously can`t live without knowing what`s going on in Architecture land :) I think looking for updates just relax me, so I can`t resist posting. Well, I guess that is one benefit of knowing and being in action. This headquarters for PTTEP, Thailand’s national petroleum exploration company, were a product of competition where HASSELL architects won and did a great job. The design creates an open plan workplace, configured around a new internal stairway that provides a physical and visual link between all levels of the 45,000 square metre tenancy. Green roof on the inside and daily room on the outside defenitely shows exceptional way of thinking, to move the unwritten borders. Interesting and fresh ideas and intelligently designed interior just forces those employees to love their job, work and of course their workspace.

21 Sep 2011

Busy, busy, busy...

Well, this days I am again busy as hell, prepairing myself (mostly mentally) for my life road trip or should I say a journey full of advanture and ... well some things should stay unwritten so they will come true :) So maybe I won`t post as much as I did in the summer, but maybe you`ll receive a picture or two just to make you smile or maybe think about the world and your projection of it.. So today... I love what I do and love to continue doing...

18 Sep 2011

Bar Rafaeli

 Like an angel shoots Bar Rafaeli for Vogue Spain, September 2011...

16 Sep 2011

Mobius by Eness

MÖBIUS from ENESS on Vimeo.
A playful art instalation, by Melbourne based Eness, put in everyday life to remind us, we can all be children and to take some time off to enjoy and...PLAY! Have a great and playful weekend!

Chateau Barde-Haut

 This is totaly appropriate post for September days :) What alse to see in Autum than a winery, going on wine tasting and also see modern architecture. Well, this winery, by Nadau Lavergne Architects is located in Saint Emilion, France. Oui, Le Chateau Barde-Haut is a 17 hectare domain and the building is rehabilitated former winery made of traditional stone. The contradiction between contempory architecture is traditional stone as a base and rusty steel coating of a facade. Inner part is of course modern so that both past and present seems to collide perfectly. Oh, and did you noticed the wine-glass lights? Thoughtful and hilarious detail that only contributes to the value of this winery. Salute!

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