15 Sep 2011

Cybertecture Mirror

 Well, as I promised something more in Autum style, this post is something more like it. After long, hot and usually lazy summer, full with ice-cream and cocktails, it`s usually September when you say to yourself to stop gaining weight and start working out again. So..thinking of that, here is something that could help you get in shape in style, of course. Cybertecture mirror designed by James Law, that not only will help you look good, but will also be your personal fitness coach and a social connector. A personal computer in your bathroom. What else do you need? Oh, lots of money, I would guess...But that is again another question that doesn`t fit in these posts, which are full with just georgeous and luxurious stuff. Well, a girl has to have a dream, right? :)

...and a video...

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