29 Apr 2011

You know my number...

This brilliant sollution for incorporating the numbers in the facade is just fantastic! A multi-family residence by Mitsutomo Matsunami Architect&Associates is a proof of being creative and
transforming the simplest thing as a house number into something more graphic, more conceptual.

So which number you prefer?

25 Apr 2011

Who ate all those eggs...

Well, happy easter and lots of eastern eggs, chocolate bunnies and other festive delices...
And lots of fun with your close ones...And for the end of this festive weekend I give you a little story for good night...

Was the bunny who had eastern eggs?

Was it too much to handle?

Little bird told me...

But where is she?

Did she flew away?

Or maybe fell from the nest?

No, she came back rattling from a trip..

The eggs must have been stolen...

Oh no...

hmmm...she looks guilty...

Or she... she took the bunnies tale..

She will never look the same..

But the little bird still knows something...

But she won`t tell...

That the easter bunny is not what it looks like..

It is the pinguin who deliver those eggs...

And in this eggs there is a little present for each of us...

Oh no...Who ate the last one?

...???...to be continued...


20 Apr 2011

After vacation spitrit...

Jameos del Agua-one of creations by Cesar Manrique

Oooohhh, back from Spain...back from Canary island...just loved the leisure and new culture..Allthough I must admit I expected more of Spanish culture around there and not English breakfast or Krauter und wurstel.. Maybe they should be more unique and stick by their culture, because it is magnificent.
the vineyard

Lake at El Grifo

National park Timanfaya

One of the vulcans in Timanfaya

Well the island is half turist loaded, with beautiful palms, cactus sights and of course beautiful beaches and sun, sun, sun...and also wind, of course. The other half is mainly rock-which was really a surprise for me.I didn`t know that the vulcans did all that damage on the island. But if I look on the other hand, the vulcans also created vast irresistable landscape-almost out of space landscape. It is unique experience when all you see on the road is black stones and solid lava everywhere.
Cesar Manrique foundation-museum

"indoor" living room-integration of nature and artificial_by C.Manrique

the corridors between spaces_by C.Manrique

fantasy world_by C.Manrique

also one of C.Manrique master creations-let the nature in

planned view_by C.Manrique

little comparison by Picasso?

Wind sculpture_by C.Manrique

another sculpture_by C.Manrique

I loved to explore this little Island, saw amazing architecture-which was not part of massive turist appartments and houses and also magicly found tipical Canary and Spanish food-tapas.
So, I hardly wait for the next advanture, which will be....hmmm...just let me get surprised...

Church in Arrecife

gardens in the city_Arrecife

Appartments in Playa Blanca

I had to put this picture for the end...for all the chococholics the right one is the GOD of unbelievable chocolate desire...I am just addicted to this ice cream :)

6 Apr 2011

Milano vs. Canary Island

This year I was determined to go to Milan fair-which is almoust like must have and must be in designer`s world. As to say-if you are not there, you are nobody...
The poster for tile creation from Zaha Hadid...can`t wait to see it...

brilliant book-head by Karim Rashid

But this year on the same date as the fair I got my birthday gift- a plane ticket to Canary island-Lanzarote. Though my determination to go to Milan was tremendous, of course once I got to know where I`ll be in April, I canceled all my (well they were still just in my head) plans and just say yes...to leisure, hot sun and salty water...

Soo, with no regrets and huuuuge expectations I just can`t wait to step on this hot and beautifull island. The thrill of a new city, new island, new discovery and new advantures are again ahead of me...
mmmmm...can`t wait.... and as those cute pinguins say: "Just smile and wave boys...just smile and wave.

the last picture just had to be from heaven...and yes...there I`ll be next week :):):)

5 Apr 2011

just a beautifull thought...

“Architecture, that is, the art of building, is an art everyone should be concerned with, because everyone has to do with it.” by John Ruskin

Mies van der Rohe Barcelona Pavillion

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