10 Nov 2011

London baby...

Ok, let me just say...I totally missed writing, but then again didn't have time to actually sit down, take a breath and just post something. But as some of you knows, I've recently moved to London, in one week -actually was just five days, had to find an appartment and at the same time found my dream job, passed 3 inteviews and... got it!! So, as you see...I've been busy-with a good reason!
And let me just say...still I have loads of post to write, but while working my ass off at new company, I won't have much time to post as much as I used to, but I'll try to bring you style and passion for ....well, everything beautiful...once in a while. It is once upon a style blog after all :)
So, for now, I am sending all of you a beautiful postcard from my new home, London...

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