23 Nov 2011

Be free!

With all my revelations and changes this year, I started to read books again, so I already know what my next will be. Because everybody needs inner strength and maybe I could say spiritual guidance -no connection to any religious stuff, just something that one needs to gain strength and growth for days to come. So that I could stay in the path that I've planned or imagined to be and to stay in that direction as long as I could, I'll go deep in the soul of master Paulo Coelho. First will be well known Alchemist. Someone once suggested that I should read this and I think now I am ready to explore that deep message, that I am seeking. Why are we here, what the hell am I doing and other existential mindness. Jap, totaly lost control of my roller coaster feelings, but hey..that too is a part of our life and let me say, it is allways interesting being around me :) So, yes, you can invite me for a coffee and also chocolate cake and I can gladly share my thoughts, insides, wisdoms and my charming personality if you like. Because we are all fantastic and great and with a purpose here in earth...and to close my revelation to you: “Now that she had nothing to lose, she was free.” ― Paulo Coelho ...and that's a fact!

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