3 Jun 2012

Centro das Artes-Casa das Mudas

 When seeing something so perfect like a magnificent architecture in person, it is like a dream come true. And as for this year I've been really blessed and lucky to start visiting really extraordinary buildings, well, this one goes into that bracket. By coincidence, when exploring Madeira island, we found this building, a sacred place for art, Casa das Mudas by Paulo David. Situated on the hill above Calheta, it brings magnificent views and breathtaking presence.
Details of the stone facade just tells the story of perfect mind and crafstmanship. As I only experienced the outside of this architecture, seeing inside and plans, just confirms the perfection of this mastermind. So, for next time, visiting also interior will only complete my journey to the (well) known wonderworld of architecture.
Hope you'll enjoy and appretiate this beauty as I did.

 Exterior photos (Photographed by me :) )

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