6 Jun 2011

Your majesty...Zaha...

Why? Because she is ultimatelly The only queen in architecture, the ultimate female in masculine`s world... So she is in a way my idol, to stand amongst the magnificent ones and still after years and years of hard work she is still on the peak of her success. Without a doubt she is one of those superstar architects, who I so admire.

Though here, the ultimate project was Jean Nouvel`s Institute de Monde Arabe- which for me is still most fabulous high-tech building, Zaha successfully managed not to destroy the balance of primar building. Though her creation still obbeys the law of Zaha`s world (morphological forms), she managed not to attract attention only to her building. As if to say that the symbiosis was the main goal.

Zaha again did a fantastic job and also put Chanel pavilion to a higher level. Though I`m not a fan of (so much) organic architecture, she always proves me wrong...

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