28 Aug 2011

Eames lounge chair and ottoman

 I can honestly say that Herman Miller has got a golden egg, when they signed with designers Charles and Ray Eames. Since 1956, when this was first chair Eames had designed for high-end market, till this day, this is a product of admiration.
Did they know this will be a product of century? Even the optimistic couldn`t predict that! And now? Still after so many years the company recently announced the Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman, Limited 2011 Asian Edition. Retailing for  $11000, the lounger comes with a limited edition framed poster, and there are only 100 pieces of them in existence. So you have to hurry up, if you want to be a proud owner of this superior craftsmanship product.
Just let me get my wallet, but before that I have to sell everything I`ve got...so, sorry, don`t have much time..have to go! ;)

Eames lounge chair_limited 2011 Asian edition


  1. This is my Good luck that I found your post which is according to my search and topic, I think you are a great blogger, thanks for helping me out from my problem..

    1. Well, thank you :) I am a bit slow with responding, but it's never too late. Well, good to see that it helps someone:) I basically just write what I love, and for other to embrace my passion :)