5 Mar 2013

First time...

Uuuaaauuu, I feel like it is again the first time when I start riding a bike.
Full of adrenalin, thrilling expectation and excitement of a new project.
For quite some time I was thinking of doing something new, to built a path of my own and do something about it... It is funny, how sometimes the routine of everyday can strap you and doesn't allow you to do what your spirit tells you to. But, no, my free spirit is strong and I will fight back!
I've designed this logo, because I do have a mission now. To build my empire. My design studio, my baby :)

Moove design is a start up business for design, architecture, art and interior design. And with a logo on board, now I can start showing and making good stuff. And just be awesome while making it :)
So I am really excited for the future and because of all that, I've decided to create another blog-totally separate from this one (well, not totally, they will hold hands-sort of speak), so that this blog stays intact and will always give you posts to inspire. The new blog will be only for building the brand, building design and eventually build my dream!
So I've put my sleeves up, shift into the first gear and started my journey of incredible and inspirational designing. For the future, for me and for you.

So if you want to support me and experience this fantastic journey with me, I invite you to follow my new blog and help me build my dream-and of course, enjoy, while doing it :)


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