4 Mar 2013

'A milion times' clock

It is always interesting to see, how it is possible from one thing to make a complex "creature". A design mind, mixed with modern technology and creative spirit.
The designers behind this 'milion times' instalation are Stockholm-based design studio humans since 1982, by designers Per Eman (Sweden) and Bastian Bischoff (Germany).

The instalation is made from 288 special two-handed analogue clocks - powered by 576 electrical engines to drive the minute and hour hands independently - which collectively create a giant display which visually expresses the time digitally. The dimension of it is 344cm x 180cm x 5cm and is made out of aluminium with powder coated white finish and black hands, screen printed dials.The whole engineering was made by David Cox.

Such a masterpiece with simple object just make this instalation a gasping inspiration for all of us and guess what, 'a million times' will be presented at design days dubai 2013. Of course, where else ;)

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