13 Jun 2011

Make me a dreamhouse...

Could it be, that I can fall in love in so many houses?

Well, this one could also be my dream house. Because it`s not tipical house, with doors and windows... The facade just gets another meaning by thousands of openings, not knowing where one floor begins and other ends. There is some changes I would do, but that is of course because I am an architect and we all love to change acording to our whishes-at least the pool would be apropriate here:)

It`s interesting that this luxurious house is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. But knowing this Alam family residence was planned by Los Angeles based architect Elsye Alam, principal of ID-EA, makes it all clear why is so western... Well hopefully one day I`ll have the chance to built one of my own residence as this one did..


  1. Wow :) I like it!!

  2. I like it too, because it`s so different :) thanks