10 May 2011

Still in football zone...

Not that I am such a fan of football /because tipical of woman, I just watch it, when some handsome footballer plays or when I bet some money/, I came across this new football stadium project FC Bate Borisov, which was made from Slovenian architects OFIS, so I had to present it here.

I must say, I love it, much more than our Slovenia "pride" StoĹžice (well, I know this will be shocking for most of you, but the Stadium in Ljubljana looks soooooo much beter in those fairytale renders than in person). Not to say, the roof reminds me more of some toilette tiles...but ok, I threw all the frustration here, hehe :) Well, this project -at least- in renders is super gorgeous, though it is not as big as from Sadar&Vuga project.

Just hope that one day when this project will come alive, will be more magnificent as in this pictures. So, OFIS, well done and keep it going...

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