3 Sep 2009

The smart clock

I just love when in design world some things can be interpreted differently and in a hillarious way. One of this products that i instantly fell in love is very smart clock :) A wall clock called QLOCKTWO by multidisciplinary design agency Biegert & Funk . QLOCKTWO ist still handmade in South Germany.
Due to its huge worldwide success Biegert & Funk decided to make QLOCKTWO more affordable and well (don´t be suprised)...it is now € 885.
If you are shocked by the price (as i was), to comfort you... you can get it not only in English, but also in German, Italian, French, Dutch and Spanish.

That makes me wonder..how much was then at first time, when it wasn`t a huge success?
I know...to make a beautifull design is to make money :):) All you need is a briliant idea.

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