7 Mar 2011


A while ago- it was still that year of 2010, I went on a "plane" trip (cause it wasn`t a car, that brought us to Stockholm, so I cannot say road trip) with my boyfriend to seek and discover if those blond Swedish girls are truly as they say about them and maybe to meet the famous royalty... and of course to see, how the Swedes are doin` IT...you know what I mean-the architecture, of course!

With high expectations and no knowledge of the high standard, I was a little bumped when I set foot on the Northern land. Sure, the first days of geeting to know the new city, getting acquaintant with Gamla Stan-the old city, sightseeing, walking all day and just breathing the cultural air of Stockholm, it was the unforgetable experience! I just loved the touring through milion of different museums and galleries...I could almost feel my soul drifting away among the prehistorical people, seeing the Nobel prize winners, reading love letters form Napoleon to Josephine, proudly discover that I too have a piece of modern art at home-the Salif juicer, seeing the manufacture of liquers, getting unobstructed view over Stockholm on the Globe...and so on and so on... So lovely memories and not to mention the underground-one more beautifull than another! Ahh...would certainly go there again.... But why did I write that I was bumped you say. Well, to be honest, the architecture wasn`t appealing at all- well maybe because I saw mainly the old part of the town and really missed some new and thrilling architecture... Ok, the centre of new Stockholm was new and modern, though I saw it just once at night and again on a daytime but again just glanced by- so maybe I am a little bit biased. Not to mention that here fast food was insanely expensive...but that is the topic for next blog-diary :P

And now, when I am back home, what do I see? The modern building in the city centre-where my foot did set, but obviously wasn`t paying attention on this remarkable building in front of me. I guess I really need glasses! Obviously I need to be more freeminded and not be inspired (or not) just on the first glance but get to know the city -Stockholm or other, which are still to discover, so that next time I wont be so surprised what I`ve missed.

So...excusez-moi to my arrogance and to appologise correctly here is a little manifesto to Stockholm Waterfront by White arkitekter ab. The magnificent building which was build in 2010-yes, the same year as my trip. But let again the pictures take over /that`s the key to say goodbye/... and tell the story...
Little sneak peek on the inner side...

By the way...if someone wants to know, where I took those pictures-it is called Google, my friend...ok, also www.archdaily.com :):)

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