9 Mar 2010

Let the music play...

I have tons of newsletters in my mail (even the largest Gmail always frustrates me with the data, that I have to delete lots of mail, because ...upss... you are out of free space..and yes-that actually can happen) and when I finally have the time to view them (not all of them, of course), I usually find many suprising things.

So I thought that today I wont post another just fashionable stuff, I decided to post something more...in music style :)

So... this guitar, designed by Anton Weichselbraun, just surprised me with it`s uniqness and design that reminds me on a big lady spider :)

But not only the design that is so special. This electric guitar has all the pros of electric sound with none of the downsides of a non-analog. Pickups and frets with digital imputs which work on a MIDI-signal that’s adaptable to replicate any guitar and amp setup. And what’s weird about that? No strings – but your fingers wont believe it.

The touch sensitive neck analyses finger positions, while liquid micro-channels bulge from the surface to create variable fret positioning while “piezo-electric actuators emulate frequencies of vibration corresponding the played note.” The brain shall then recognize these frequencies through your fingertips, reporting the same sensation you’d feel if you were playing physical strings.
Weird, ha? I can just visualise it how I play this beauty...although I`ve never played the real guitar, but hey...so did no one else-at least not this beauty :):)

So I hope you`ll enjoy in this crazy, futuristic and stylish guitar, like I did...


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