25 Aug 2009


In this last days of summer, i always look back for moments that happened in those hot hot days. As a type of girl, that don`t follow the ordinary rules of human behaviour, beleive it or not, wasn`t on holliday /on the seaside, i mean/ during this summer. why? well, for instance, because i am really afraid of the sharks (allthough i probably won`t meet them in this lifetime, but precaution is better than getting my ass chewed), the second thing is, i hate crowds of turist getting to the dream destination, getting stuck in traffic and getting stuck while trying to go from the towel on a beach to the hot water, so that i could swim for 1 meter until the next human figure. And of course the money, spent on other stuff like shoes, clothes and accesories and also other ordinary stuff, would probably help to buy this airplane ticket to Djerba :) Thankfully i always manage to come across a fantastic idea, that when September comes, most of population goes back to school, work etc..., so that people like me can finally go to the deserved vacations, without the crowd, boiling hot days and yes, being relaxed for a lot less money than in the highlight of the season..

But before getting all in September, i bring you the colours of summer... wibrant, joyfull and powerfull, so i know you`ll enjoy it :)


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